Make people smile
The quality of the product is the beginning of a professional relation that every day put in the first place the needs of both patients and doctors. Smile means health.

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100% controlled

Statistical monitoring on board, visual check on heights, threads and connections of EVERY SINGLE IMPLANT. All products are 100% controlled by high precision equipment.

DLC coating

The innovative DLC coating (Diamond-Like Carbon) of our instruments minimizes heat dispersion to prevent excessive heating of the bone tissue and for a greater wear resistance.

Surface treatment

Studied for the best osseointegration, the implant surface is treated with a double acid-etching technique, which make our implants support the osteoblast adhesion during the primary healing phase.

We make people smile

Our goal is to make people’s life easier, so they can smile again. For this reason, we put the best care and technology in our implant production, offering to dental professionals a team who focuses on the day-to-day business needs. It is simple, isn’t it?

Our product range

A complete product range that supports
dental professionals in their daily job.
Our products are 100% controlled in lab, using manual or automated methods. Packages are marked with different colors to help recognizing the implant diameters.

Dental implants
Surgical instruments
  • Mech & Human impianti dentali

    Dental implants

    Excellent stability and reduction in recovery time.
    We studied our implants to help dentists to perform at their best during dental surgery.
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  • Prosthetic components

    We offer a wide range of prosthetic components compatible with our implants. You can always find what you need: healing abutments, straight abutments, titanium abutments. Everything you need, best achieved.
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  • Surgical instruments

    A complete range of instruments for the implant easy to use, realized with innovative materials, to facilitate professionals’ life.
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