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AVIOR: the conical dental implant

Avior is the conical implant, suitable for the upper jaw area and suggested for post-tooth extraction with a bone density of D2-D3.
It is available with both an external hexagon connection (recommended for multiple prosthetic surgery) and an internal hexagon connection (more suitable for a single surgery or a bridge abutment with 1 or 2 components).
Like the namesake star, Avior is a reference point in the universe of dental implantology.


Compatible with the most used methods around the world.

2_Apical milling

An implemented milling system for a greater primary retention to the fixture.

3_Micro threading

It has been study to ensure more stability in the coronal area increasing the bonding with the bony ridge.

4_Implant body

Thanks to its specific morphology, it allows a better primary retention.

Available diameters

Avior external hexagon

Avior internal hexagon

Avior instructions of use

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