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Dental implants

Technology for humans

Two implant lines: complete, versatile, efficient. Betwice with its cylindrical profile, Avior with its specific cone. Available both with internal hexagon and with external hexagon. Each diameter is easily recognizable by the colour coding, which allows a quick identification of the implant and the relative prosthetic components.
Mech & Human dental implants are controlled in different phases of the productive cycle, to ensure not only the product conformity, but also the absolute precision.
All products made by Mech & Human are visual inspected by advanced machinery to guarantee the accuracy of dimensions.
Mech & Human internal control lab ensures all the general tolerances by the use of a software that records all the quotes of the part: from heights to threads, and connections.

Implant catalog

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Surface treatment.

Our research labs went beyond normal procedure to make osseointegrated dental implants. They have developed a double acid-etching technique in order to optimize both the biological and biochemical aspects. The morphology obtained from this process acts like a sponge for the liquids for a better platelet activation. We are able to ensure a contact surface between the bone and the implant with an optimal roughness level from both a distributional point of view and peak/valley dimension.
Our implants support the blood clot stabilization and fibroblast contact during the primary healing phase.

Safe and reliable

A non-sterile implant can be dangerous for the outcome of surgery.
It is important to remind that the cleanliness test accuracy and the surface decontamination of an implant are essential.
The better these processes are, the higher will be the titanium surface quantity that will bond with the bone, which could increase the possibility of a perfect osseointegration.

Decontamination, cleanliness and sterilization process

Each dental implant passes through a first cleanliness phase of process residues by several washings, and a second decontamination phase by cold plasma triggered in Argon.

As a result, you obtain dirt and particle residue removal and bioburden reduction from the dental implant surface. After the decontamination process, there will be no impurity on the surface.

Then, our dental implant is sealed in a blister and can move on to sterilization phase through beta decay process.


Beta-rays: guaranteed throughout time.

There are many benefits of the radiation sterilization:

– thanks to the rapid action of the treatment, the beta rays do not affect the packaging, so that we guarantee at least five-year sterilization on a dental implant;

– the process is completely automatic with a computerized control system in each phase;

– the process can be repeated for an indefinite number of times; it is tested and reliable, the results are accurate;

– the process is environmentally friendly; it does not need any radioactive source and does not create toxic products.